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Analytic Quality Glossary, a comprehensive, dynamic glossary of terms that are related to quality in higher education

Social Research Glossary, a substantial dynamic glossary of terms that are related to research in the social sciences, business, humanities and and arts. The glossary links to Researching the Real World and to Critical Social Research. It is an organic resource that grows and evolves over time.

Researching the Real World, a comprehensive, dynamic, research methodology resource.

Critical Social Research, the book first published in 1990 now given a facelift and available free. It explains how to undertake critical social research illustrated by an analysis of examples of critical research that address issues of class, gender and race.

Myths of the Chicago School, the book first published in 1987 now given a facelift and available free. It explores presuppositions about the nature of the Chicago School of Sociology and demonstrates how many of them are mistaken or misleading.

Lee Harvey publications or here for Iphone version  


ESECT Tools, a site providing a wide range of tools and techniques to embed employability in teaching and learning as well as links to lots of papers and resources.

Employability: papers and sites

QHE Seminars:

The End of Quality? - 25th-26th May 2001 A seminal event in Birmingham and immensely enjoyable that proped the nature and efficacy of quality processes in higher education.

Transforming Quality - 30th-31st October 2002 A follow-up in Melbourne to The End of Quality? event.

Recipes: No added salt or sugar recipes under constrcution


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