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Assessment Analysis Tool

Assessment analysis tools are designed to provide a guide to teachers about the type and weighting of the methods they are using to assess student progress. The aim is to provide feedback on the extent to which assessment methods are flexible and help develop student employability in the widest sense.

This type of developmental tool can be used directly by undergraduate programme leaders.

Subject centres are encouraged to customise it for different disciplines, associating it more closely with benchmark statements and other points of reference.

Educational developers may also customise for better fit with university missions and priorities.

PVCs may call in a series of reviews to get a sense of the consistency of assessment practice across the institution.

The 2004 version of the site referred to an OU assessment evaluation tool that was hosted by the OU. This no longer appears to be available (16 April 2011). However, a paper entitled 'Evaluating the evaluation tools' was available as a doc. at (but is no longer available 12 January 2017) and another version submitted to the BERA conference in 2005 can be found at, accessed 5 June 2014, still available 12 January 2017.

See also Higher Education Academy's 10 Tools for Exploring and Evaluating yoou own Feedback Practice, accessed 5 June 2014, page not available 12 January 2017.

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