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Card Sort

The card sort is a tool designed to find out about perceptions of employability and what it means. Card sorts by their flexible nature, stimulate employability learning through:

  1. Reflection on choices and issues;
  2. Discussion with peers on divergent and similar views;
  3. Ownership of an informed viewpoint, and understanding that other key stakeholders may have different views;
  4. Action planning and prioritising on the basis of reflection and discussion including the formulation of negotiated learning outcomes;
  5. Reviewing of opinions and priorities in the light of further experience
    (Val Butcher, 2004)

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Card sorts can be adapted for use academic staff and by students

Examples of staff card sort exercises:

The Sheffield Hallam University card sort, an adaptation of the LTSN card sort.

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Card Sort
Sheffield Hallam University card sort

Target Audience
Staff and students
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Visual Cards