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Quizes can be an entertaining way to introduce employability issues with staff or students.

They can be done individually, on-line, or used as a classroom activity.

The 2004 version of this site pointed to quizes on the Doctor Job website and on the GIEU website, neither now appear to be available.

The 2004 site also provided an example of a simple quiz (for philiosophy students), which is now out of date but the questions asked, if updated and adapted to a specific discipline or for all students, would still be a useful orienting guide. Click for the quiz (file Graduate Jobs Quiz sheet LTSN 04.doc) or answer sheet (file Graduate Jobs Quiz Answer sheet LTSN 04.doc).

Some current (June 2014) online employability quizzes can be found at:

CV Quiz available at, accessed 15 April 2011, still available 13 January 2017.