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The following were identified on the original 2004 version:

Sheffield Hallam University Key Skills Resources

Sheffield Hallam has developed a range of interactive resources to help students develop key skills. They were published by Gower.

Key Work Skills (1999) by Rosie Bingham and Sue Drew. This paperback book is particularly valuable for students on placement, professional practice, undertaking work-based learning or taking part in other forms of work experience (eg voluntary work; learning from part-time work). There are 19 topics including: planning and managing your workload; communicating at work; meetings; ethics at work; mentoring, appraisal and interviews; professional exams. The contents can also be bought as individual topics with a license to photocopy.

Key Skills Online , a web site developed alongside a TLTP3 project (collaborative with Leeds Metropolitan University and the University of Plymouth). The system files developed by the TLTP3 project can be downloaded free, whilst the contents can be bought from Gower on license (cost dependent on size of institution) for insertion. The contents are extensive, with topics at 2 levels organised by themes: communication (written, oral, visual); information skills; working with others' IT; working with numbers; solving problems; improving learning; career management. The system can be adapted to institutional needs (eg different 'front page' and the free download provides templates for insertion of own content).  The website is no longer available.

The Student Skills Guide (2001) by Sue Drew and Rosie Bingham. This paperback book is designed to help students develop the skills needed to succeed on their courses. Its topics, at 2 levels, include: note taking; essay and report writing; gathering and using information; critical analysis; reflecting on your experience. The contents can also be bought as individual topics with a license to photocopy.

The Student Guide to Making an Oral Presentation (1997) by Sue Drew and Richard Gibson. This CD ROM takes student through the process of preparing a presentation and includes video. It can also be bought with a networking license.

Defunct websites from 2004 have been removed


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