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Tuning Tool

Tuning tools are designed to help tune an undergraduate programme so that it better supports employability. It involves adjusting curricula, rather than wholesale revisions, as many programmes already include significant amounts of employability enhancement, although it is often not explicit.

Examples of tuning tools

The 2004 site reported a SkillsPlus project that explored how curricula could be tuned and from which Peter Knight and colleagues had produced a tuning tool. Unfortunately the SkillsPlus page is no longer available nor is the tuning tool. h

Click here for more information in a document entitled 'Aspects of employability: a tool for appraising programmes and modules'

Subject centres should be encouraged to customise the tuning tool for different disciplines, associating it more closely with benchmark statements and other points of reference. Educational developers may wish to customise for better fit with university missions and priorities. Heads of department will use it. PVCs may call in reviews done by HoDs to get a sense of the consistency of employability-enhancing practice across the institution.