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Centre for Mass Communications Research

core definition

The Centre for Mass Communications Research was one of the leading mass media research institutes in the UK in the 1960s and 1970s.

explanatory context

The Centre for Mass Communications Research is part of Leicester University, it is now incorporated in the Department of Media and Communication.


From its inception in 1966 until the the 1980s, the Centre was the largest and most productive of the mass communications research institutes in Britain.


The Centre has developed research into media and violence, and has been concerned to assess alternative hypotheses about crime and violence that have come from American research.


The Centre has tended to adopt an eclectic perspective and its studies have been wide ranging both theoretically and methodologically.

analytical review

The University of Leicester (undated) outlines the history:

In 1966, the Centre for Mass Communiction Research was established as the first academic centre for the study of media in the UK.

The Department of Media and Communication at the University of Leicester is based within the College of Social Sciences and has been at the forefront of media research since 1966, when it was first established as the Centre for Mass Communication Research. Initially, the teaching provision was limited to PhD supervision but in 1978, the UK's Social Science Research Council (now the ESRC) invited CMCR to design and deliver the country's first taught postgraduate degree in media and communications and the MA in Mass Communications was launched, followed by its Distance Learning sibling in 1995.

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related areas

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University of Leicester, undated, 'History of Media and Communication at Leicester', available at, accessed 1 February 2013. Page still available 14 December 2016 but content has been amended. Amended page still available 26 November 2019.

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