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Profilmic event

core definition

Profilmic event is a term used in film studies to refer to the arrangement of what is in the field of view of the camera, or of what has been filmed.

explanatory context

Profilmic event is also referred to as the pro-filmic space.

analytical review

Anonymous (2012):

Profilmic event refers to the reality or situation happening infront of the camera or also what can be seen infront of the camera. The position and angle of the camera determines the perspective/point of view of the audience. The camera movement also alters how we look at the profilmic event. It splits the attention into two - figuring out what is infront of the camera and how the camera is changing what we see.... The structure of how the camera is working and what's in the picture establishes our understanding of what we see.

associated issues


related areas

See also


mis en scene


Anonymous, 2012, Camera - Profilmic event,, 17 May 2012, available at, accessed 12 June 2019.

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