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The End of Quality?
Participants at the Seminar enjoyed open, frank and friendly discussions on the the pressing quality issues. Delegates from a wide range of countries and many different job roles were represented including senior administrators, academics, researchers and students. Delegates found the two days informative, well-organised and highly interactive.

"I am immensely pleased by the way in which the seminar was organized and the discussions conducted."

"I especially liked the informal atmosphere and the discussion sections."

"The international mix was wonderful, as you said, and I learned hugely from the participants."

"Everybody contributed to the discussions in a very positive and engaged way."

"Good atmosphere, and some interesting discussions."

"An exciting seminar which proved that the quality of meetings arranged by the Centre for Research into Quality is as high as always."

"An enjoyable and thought-provoking conference."

"I appreciated the friendly, informal but stimulating nature of the whole event."

"A challenging level, interesting stuff and a very high quality of presentation."

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