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A novel of twists and surprises

How can I persuade colleagues that employability is about more than just employment?

Three tactics might be appropriate.

First, point staff to some of the accessible publications on employability and learning such as:

The Undergraduate Curriculum and Employability (This is a .doc and may just download without displaying contents on screen)

Transitions from Higher Education to Work (This is a .doc and may just download without displaying contents on screen)

Defining and Measuring Employability (click for download)

Enhancing employability, recognising diversity

In addition, a special issue of Quality in Higher Education 7(2) includes articles on employability.

Second, use a card sort with staff. There are several available. They can be done in groups on hard copy or on-line sorts using a virtual set of cards.

Third, you may find helpful hints in the two ESECT briefings:

Encouraging the Development of Employability: A Guide for Busy Senior Managers (Mantz Yorke, Liverpool John Moores University)

Helping Departments to Develop Employability
(Lee Harvey, Sheffield Hallam University & Peter Knight, Open University)