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Skill Development Tools

Skills development tools are mainly directed at students and provide suggestions and materials to enhance a range of skills and abilities that cut across subject specialisms.

The University of Central Lancashire Futures site (accessed 15 April 2011)
Futures was UCLan's careers, employability and enterprise service. The address above defaults to, (accessed 13 January 2017).

Graduate Toolkit available at the University of Brighton site (accessed 15 April 2011)
included, inter alia, What is employability? and Employability and your future career.This address now defaults to (accessed, 13 January 2017)

Employability toolkit on the University of Manchester site accessed 15 April 2011, was wriiten
for all staff at the university faced with the "employability agenda", it included directing students towards suitable resources they can use to audit their employability skills (n o longer available 13 January 2017).

The SkillCity portal
The 2004 version mentioned this site. There are no dates on the site and it is no longer available 13 January 2017.

The 2004 version of this site also mentioned The Student Qualities Profile at the University College Worcester, originally at:, but it is no longer available (15 April 2011).


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