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Examples of Context Materials

The following are examples in the original 2004 version (some examples are still available 15 April 2011). For other suggested sites please contact

lPlease note that the academic subject areas indicate those for which the case was first developed but most have wider uses. Median and Seatons for example have been used with all ages and subject specialists. If the aim is to enhance a skill it can in some cases be helpful to use a generic case, where the academic content doesn't get in the way of the skills work.

Median: a company orders a large computer system that doesn't quite fit the needs on arrival. (A White Rose Science Enterprise Challenge case).

Seatons: for geographers about a chemical factory dealing with pollution; with the Environment Agency.

SusDale: for geographers about issues occurring in the Yorkshire Dales National Park; with the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority.

Flood Defence: for geographers based on the River Lavant; with the Environment Agency.

Flood Warning: for geographers about planning a flood warning regime; with the Environment Agency.

Business Process Re-Engineering: for computer studies; based on the University of Leeds Catering Service.

Skills for Public Sculpture: for fine artists in conjunction with the Northumbria Police.

Waste Minimisation Scenario: for geographers built round a mythical company; with the Environment Agency.

Human Organisation: for sociologists, packs of open-learning materials on how to gain access to organisations for social policy research.

Vocational Translation: for students of German on a vocational translation project; with SMEs in Newcastle are who need translations.

Analysing Environmental Issues: for politics students organising a conference; with The Environment Agency, Pendragon Innovations and Chamber of Commerce.

Visual Arts Futures: role modelling of former student artists; for fine artists with a publishing company wanting career case studies of fine artists.

Work placement activity for archaeology students: about understanding archaeological reconstruction; with Brigantium.

MA module in museum management: for museum studies students; with Bede's World.

Film subtitling: for modern language students, work for a film subtitling company. See for example

Producing music for radio script and programme: for music students, in conjunction with a freelance radio programme producer who is self-employed. Not clear what this referred to in the 2004 version but the following is of interest, accessed 15 April 2011.

See also: Brady, K. and Anderson, W., 2010, 'Working with real clients unconventionally the first semester', Journal of Media Education, 1(2), pp. 32–43, available at

Building a waste disposal plant in an

A urban area: for civil engineering students, a role play public enquiry, in conjunction with a waste disposal company.

The University of Leeds, School of Geography, has developed many of these studies, which are accessible from their site at:

Several of these case studies are also referred to in:

Holmes, A. & Miller, S., 2000, 'A Case for Advanced Skills and Employability in Higher Education', Journal of Vocational Education and Training, 52(4), pp. 653-664.


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