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A novel of twists and surprises


Skills for Graduates in the 21st Century


Roles for Graduates in the Twenty-First Century was followed by this ground-breaking report which had a significant impact on the debate of the role of universities in preparing graduates for employment. The report suggests that the world of work will radically change, with, amongst other things, the emergence of the portfolio worker. In addition, the need for graduates to be able to manage their relationship with work and with learning.

Graduates’ Work: Organisational change and students' attributes 1997

Lee Harvey, Sue Moon and Vicki Geall with Ray Bower

Graduates’ Work was commissioned by, amongst others, the Department for Education and Employment, the Council for Industry and Higher Education and the Association of Graduate Recruiters. The results contributed the National Committee of Inquiry into Higher Education (NCIHE) chaired by Sir Ron Dearing. The survey is based on 258 interviews with managers, graduates and non-graduate employees. The organisations varied in size, type and location, ranging from large multi-nationals through to small organisations in the manufacturing and service sectors, both private and public.

Warwick Institute for Employment Research

Measuring change in the graduate labour market - Peter Elias and Kate Purcell. A study of the changing nature of the labour market for graduates and high level skills. This and other publicatiosn are available at 13 January 2017)

Centre for Research and Evaluation

Transitions from Higher Education to Work: A briefing paper

prepared by Lee Harvey (Centre for Research and Evaluation, Sheffield Hallam University), with advice from ESECT and LTSN Generic Centre colleagues (2003).



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