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The End of Quality 
 Professor Lee Harvey
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The End of Quality?

Professor Lee HarveyLee Harvey is the Director of the Centre for Research into Quality. His published books include: Transforming Higher Education (1996), an exploration of the connections between the drive for quality and the reforms in teaching and learning, and the higher education-employment interface, and Critical Social Research (1990).

Other publications include 10 articles or chapters in refereed journals or texts, including ‘Continuous quality improvement: a system-wide view of quality in higher education’ in Knight, P .(ed.) (1994), System-wide Curriculum Change, and 12 articles on social research methodology in refereed journals.

Professor Harvey has wide experience of social research as a research methodologist and more recently through the Quality in Higher Education Project, which resulted in a further 18 publications.

He is the editor of Quality in Higher Education, an international journal, and is quality advisor to the Auckland Institute of Technology, Copenhagen Business School, Griffith University (Australia) and Linkõping University (Sweden).

He has been a keynote speaker at a number of national and international conferences in locations including Montreal, Enschede, Bonn, Auckland, Santiago, Curitiba, Lund, Amsterdam and Budapest.

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