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 Professor Sigbrit Franke
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The End of Quality?

Sigbrit FrankeFrom the 1st of January 1999 Sigbrit Franke is University Chancellor for the Swedish Universities and University Colleges and also Director General for the National Agency for Higher Education.

Sigbrit Franke is Professor of Education and has been Vice Chancellor at Umeå University. In her research she has been concentrated on educational methods of assessment which has led to many projects all the way from pre-school to universities. She has first of all worked with evaluation and quality assessment of education and teaching.

Sigbrit Franke is also the author of about 150 published documents (books, scientific reports and articles). As Vice Chancellor at Umeå University and now as the Swedish University Chancellor Sigbrit Franke has first of all written articles and book chapters as contributions to debates concerning different university issues.

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